Personnel leasing


What is Personnel Leasing?

Personnel Leasing is a contractual arrangement where the leasing company, also known as the professional organisation, is the official employer. The responsibilities are usually shared between the leasing company and the business owner (yourself). You retain key management control over the work performed by your employees. The leasing company (us), meanwhile, takes responsibility for the administrative work, such as wage reporting documentation, employee administration, etc. Personnel Leasing provides the necessary employees, saving you the whole administrative burden.

How much money can you save?

    • You save over £10,000 a year on Payroll and HR administration
    • You save over £15,000 a year on HR specialists
    • You save thousands of pounds a year for equipment of the work space, hardware and specialised software
    • You save around £10,000-15,000 on legal fees and consultations

Why is it worth it? Personnel Leasing:

  • Allows recruitment under different conditions – full or part time work hours, fixed terms, maternity leave substitution and more
  • Ensures quality selection and minimises the risk of inappropriate work placements
  • Doesn’t affect company image when there are lay-offs
  • Ensures payment on actual hours spent working
  • Allows for flexible number of employees, as needed

Who can benefit from the service? Is it suitable for you?

  • Foreign companies that have not yet been registered in the country, but want to start work immediately
  • Companies undergoing temporary changes in their organisational structure
  • Companies working on temporary projects that require additional human resources – promotions and marketing campaigns, seasonal hiring, temporary assignments
  • Lack of employees – sick leave for a longer period of time
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, and maternity leave
  • Small organisations that can’t afford the administrative costs of employment
  • Companies looking to reduce the administrative costs of having in-house HR specialists
  • Companies looking to avoid large costs associated with employee demand

What do you get?

  • Standardised procedure for recruitment and staff selection
  • Hiring of a candidate approved by an experienced recruitment organisation
  • A complete procedure related to labour relations – preparation of contracts, job descriptions, work rules and wages, keeping job history, termination of labour relations at the end of your contract, preparation of documents for years of service
  • Wage – calculating, drawing, payments, reports for various institutions

We have made personnel leasing fast and effective. Just get in touch via our contact form if you have questions or would like to take advantage of our skills and services.