Business and Management Consulting

Finding and managing valuable team members can be difficult. We, at Top Notch Consultancy, are familiar with your problems and also have found ourselves facing situations where making a decision has proven to be challenging, and estimating the needed resources has seemed impossible. You will learn one of the best leadership practices in order to help you run a successful organisation. Together we will read, gather and choose the best and most successful ones for you. Our knowledgeable consultants will show you how to put them to good use, how to develop yourself as a manager as well as save time, money and effort for your company.

You will develop your company

Are you looking for ways to improve the processes organisation in your company? Do you want to make sure you will find the most suitable candidate for that open position? Are you looking for different ways to have your organisation and experts grow together? How much did those problems cost you last year? You have already found the solution and the people ready to help you out, right here. Boost up your management skills and overall business success with the right services! Today is the day you start making a change!

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Internal Training

Internal Training

In-house training in numbers, according to a research by Oxford Economics:

  • 28 weeks – the average time you invest for a new employee to reach optimum productivity
  • £25,181 – the attached cost you pay per employee associated with the above mentioned transition period
  • 8 full days – average training days per employee per year (in the UK)
  • 5 % – average ...
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Employee relations diagnostic

Employee Relations Diagnostic

How do you measure the Employee Relations Climate?

Our professional diagnostic tool and expert advice will help you:

  • Identify what makes your organisation a unique place of work
  • Determine the primary causes of your employee loyalty/ disloyalty
  • Find out how you can invest wisely in additional benefits
  • Define the hottest topics and urgent measurements to be implemented
  • Increase employees’ engagement by asking ...
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London Business coaching

London Business Coaching = Growing your Potential

Why Business Coaching Courses?

Do you think your business underperforms? Maybe you have lost direction in your strategy? Finding a business coach in London and attending coaching courses is a sure way to boost up your performance and lead to even greater success. Most researches on the topic prove that when entrepreneurs really step up and take ownership of their London business, this naturally ...

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Organisational design and process development

Organisational Design and Process Development

Are you wondering how many people are working on the same task at the same time and how many keep making the same mistakes over and over again? And why some of them are always complaining about their job although you do your best to make and keep them happy?

How much money do you think this might have cost you so far? And how ...

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Hire the right people in your organisation

Hire the Right People for Your Organisation!

Double your chances of choosing the person that's the right fit for your company!

How? By choosing us! We have the professionals and skills to:

  • Find those people in your organisation who bring 80% of your profit and clients
  • Find and point out what differentiates your low-performers from your top talents
  • Prepare a questionnaire that will help you recognise top candidates and avoid all ...
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