Internal Training


In-house training in numbers, according to a research by Oxford Economics:

  • 28 weeks – the average time you invest for a new employee to reach optimum productivity
  • £25,181 – the attached cost you pay per employee associated with the above mentioned transition period
  • 8 full days – average training days per employee per year (in the UK)
  • 5 % – average learning retention rate from badly planned training

You will save valuable time and money by training your future talent on your own! You will develop a learner-centred, practical, interactive training that will guarantee higher learning retention rates and a reduced training period. And you won’t be alone – you will get the help of our best experts.

How can we help You?

  • All trainings are tailored to Your specific needs
  • You will learn various training delivery methods
  • You will be shown innovative interactive training techniques
  • You will use specially designed software
  • Our expert trainers and consultants will help you through the process
  • You get Free consultation up to 6 months

Get the benefits of internal training without the hassle of organising and planning it. Tomorrow you will start designing your internal training system and together with our professional advisers you can teach your future trainers to ensure maximum quality and impact.

To learn more about how much you will benefit from the training we’ll organise for you, fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to your shortly.