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5 Key Traits of Successful Managers

What does it take to be a successful manager? Which are the key qualities that make these people effective at their work? While there’re many skills which managers need to possess, there are five key traits which help these professionals stand out from the crowd.

Communication Skills

Managers with solid communication skills can instruct as well as listen to their sub-ordinates in an effectively and productive manner. Leaders who possess good communication skills usually process information to their teams clearly, which results in less confusion among team members. These managers can also understand and relate the vision of the upper management to their employees. This can significantly increase productivity and boost the overall moral of the workers in an organisation. These are just some of the reasons why strong communication skills is one of the most essential requirements of candidates, which apply for management positions.

Leadership Skills

Leadership, or the ability to guide and lead, is another crucial attribute of the modern manager. Unfortunately, not all managers posses this essential trait as many fail to instill trust, delegate responsibility amongst team members or provide direction. True leaders how to delegate responsibilities and the authority required to get the job done. They understand that delegating work to workers in the right way can improve their performance, confidence and work skills.


The ability to adapt is another key quality of the successful manager. It enables professionals to quickly adjust to unexpected events while maintaining high productivity and good quality of work. Besides being able to quickly get used to unexpected circumstances, adaptable managers can also think ‘outside of the box’. This means that they can quickly find solutions to problems, which disrupt or block work-related tasks.

Developing Others

Successful managers know the importance of personal development. One of the goals of these specialists is to increase the skills and expertise of their teams. Usually, this can be achieved through cultivating employees’ talents and motivating them to use these talents toward an organisational goal.

Developing Themselves

Last but not least successful managers know the important of personal development. In order to effectively lead others, managers must seek constant improvement in themselves. Leaders who invest in their further development are also great role models for their sub-ordinates, as they encourage them to to the same.

These are the five key traits, which every manager aiming for the top spot should posses. Looking for more business tips and tricks? Make sure to sign for one of the many business training London courses available online.