When Business Mentors Speak Even Gods Remain Silent

Top Notch Consultancy is a project we – a group of HR specialists – have put our hearts and souls into. We have years of experience in the recruitment, headhunting and project management fields. We know how much company owners and managers, like yourself, will benefit from it.

Invest a minute of your time and get the facts about us that show how we will help you and your business, as we have done for our clients in the last 4 years.

  • Annual growth in profit and sales is a minimum of 33% (for small and medium size companies)
  • Over 2000 candidates found their dream job and we’re currently working with hundreds more
  • Company owners and managers find the right candidates for their company, and with our help they save average of over £98,000 every year
  • Over 5000 business owners, managers and key employees, including representatives of many different business types, took part in our trainings and are already getting benefits from them

Conversely, we never:

  • Promise miracles (even in theory!)
  • Teach people things we DON’T know
  • Guarantee success without your help
  • Dictate you how to run your business (as business mentors we do share our experience with you and teach you how to apply it right away, but the choice is always yours)

We are here to help your business become a leader in the field and address all your questions. Keep on reading to find out more about the professional business mentors who make up our team.

London, 98 Tooley str., SE1 2TH

Top Experts


Kunka Marteva

Training & Development Kunka has been involved in the design, delivery and development of training solutions ranging from short sessions through to day-long ... see more

Anton Atanasov

Recruitment If you need a fresh viewpoint on the things you do, Anton can offer just that. His experience in the ... see more

Mariya Georgieva

Marketing Mariya has a bachelor degree in Marketing and years of experience working in an international business environment. Becoming part of ... see more

Boiko Prodanov

Management Boiko has over 2000 job interviews, 3000 trained managers, leaders and sales agents behind his back, and knows there's always ... see more
top managers

Yoanna Dimova

Relationship Building Yoanna graduated International Economic Relations and is keen on discovering every little detail of business communication, as it is the ... see more

Nevena Petrova

IT & Finance Nevena is a HR specialist with more than 8 years of experience in the field. She has led more than ... see more

Denitsa Stefanova

Organisation Development After years of experience in consulting, and with more than sixty managers and business owners having profited from her expertise ... see more

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