Successful business practices

You will learn how to implement successful practices used by business owners on 3 continents. Based on our years of experience in the London consultancy business, you have our guarantee you will rank among the top 10 in your field.


Gaining Experience

You will learn how to face the world armed, with the right gear, and with our help you will put everything you’ve learned into practice, performing better than your competitors!


Business Development

You’re already an expert in your field, no matter where your customers are – in London or anywhere else in the world. Our courses will help you develop your business without teaching you how to run it.


Saving Resources

You will learn how to save time, money and take the hassle out of any service, so you can take all the benefits of our trainings and online courses. We consult businesses worth millions of pounds every year, let us help you become one of them.

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Anton Atanasov

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Mariya Georgieva

Marketing Mariya has a bachelor degree in Marketing and years of experience working in an international business environment. Becoming part of ... see more


Vicky Atanasova

The “Top Notch” training sessions are always interactive and comprehensive. The trainers have a dynamic approach which keeps the momentum going. Ideal for those who would like to boost their confidence whilst dealing with awkward customers on the telephone or other unpredictable life situations. And the very best part is that the tips given from the “Top Notch” trainers are helping me not just in my work life, but also in my real one. “Top Notch” – I really think the name says it all!

Georgi Chikolov

Brilliant and perfectly-organized, synchronized training session.

The “sales masters” taught me how to increase my up-selling rate and conversions in future – obviously the most important thing in a sales department. I strongly recommend the “SALES” training to anyone who works in a sales role. Firstly, because after the training program you will feel more confident, and secondly because you’ll start selling more!