Successful business practices

You will learn how to implement successful practices used by business owners on 3 continents. Based on our years of experience in the London consultancy business, you have our guarantee you will rank among the top 10 in your field.


Gaining Experience

You will learn how to face the world armed, with the right gear, and with our help you will put everything you’ve learned into practice, performing better than your competitors!


Business Development

You’re already an expert in your field, no matter where your customers are – in London or anywhere else in the world. Our courses will help you develop your business without teaching you how to run it.


Saving Resources

You will learn how to save time, money and take the hassle out of any service, so you can take all the benefits of our trainings and online courses. We consult businesses worth millions of pounds every year, let us help you become one of them.

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Top Experts


Victoria Tsekova

Human Resources Victoria is a young professional in the field of Human Resources. An enthusiastic and inspirational business consultant for companies based ... see more

Denitsa Stefanova

Organisation Development After years of experience in consulting, and with more than sixty managers and business owners having profited from her expertise ... see more


Denitsa Lyutakova

One of the best training courses I’ve ever attended – I didn’t notice the time was running away until it was over, and would have been quite happy with more! It was useful, interesting and I learned a lot of things which I now apply not only in work but in the rest of my life too.

Dragomir Petrov

The course I attended on the 26th of September was called Effective Communication. I felt I learned a lot about the importance of tone of voice and its influence over peoples’ behaviour and winning their trust, especially in relation to telephone communication …